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There Is Hope Even During The Storm

There Is Hope Even During The Storm

It has been a tough two years. I’ve been in a ‘storm‘ of trials trying to get my special needs sister into a long term care home and work on my talk show at the same time. I had to face many challenges head on.

I had to do a lot of driving back and forth between Atlanta and Albany, Georgia to face many rejections, as my special needs sister is very young for a long term care facility. Many special needs facilities for young adults have been closed due to funding. With my special needs sister needing 24 hour care, making a decision to leave her to live five hours away from me has been heartbreaking.

One thing that keeps me going is knowing I’m helping so many people through the stories that are told on my shows. They, not only inspire you, but they inspire me too.

Many times on those long drives I faced terrible thunder storms, but one magical thing happened on one of those lonely days. I began to pray out loud for some kind of relief from the pain in my heart, not for the situation to change, but my pain seemed to great for me to endure. As I prayed the storm seemed to get worse. I realized there was no else on the road driving, but me. I was alone, but I had my faith.

When I arrived at my destination, I was informed that there was a home for her and it was amazing how the storm stopped when she was delivered to her caregiver and the storm came back soon afterwards.

I watched the car drive off and my heart sank. I cried for a very long time for her. I am stronger today and I’ve accepted the situation for now. I found hope during that massive storm for my special needs sister.

You might be going through a difficult time right now, but I can tell you to have faith. There is sunshine after the storms pass over.

Tahiera Monique Brown


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