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Hello world!

Today I feel as if I am beginning the first day of my life. It is like looking in a mirror and seeing all of my life that I once lived flash before my eyes. I’ve overcome many trials in my life, but I never really saw how the story of my life would be a driving force to be a healing to others until I saw an audience of hundreds stand to their feet to applaud as one. Now I have reached above the suffering that I endured and I use my voice to help the voiceless. As an advocate I see so much suffering and pain. I hear the words of people who has overcome as they take the podium. I see the heros who take the broken and battered in. I see the scars and I truly understand the plight.

Today, I am in The Great Beginning of my new life. Starting this blog will be a journey for me to log the miles that I travel and a way to share the words that I speak when I step to the podiums around the world. It will be a platform to share the stories of the guests that will be joining me on my talk show. I look forward to meeting so many of my followers here.

The new year is upon us and the new outlook has begun.

Welcome to my blog.

Tahiera Monique Brown

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